Our Garden

Our garden is built on a bed of clay. Clay is great for holding moisture, but it makes the initial setup very labor intensive. It needs a lot of work to break through and a lot of additives to keep it a nice soft soil that's easy to work in. We keep it simple. We add sand to help keep the soil loose. We add fertilizer from our horses, which is a mixture of their manure and straw. We add topsoil to build up the beds.
That's it. 
We use no pesticides and all seeds are GMO-free. We start our seeds indoors using a simple seed-starting potting mix. 


"We're so happy to have signed up for a produce box subscription from Haven Farms this summer. What a treat! It is so nice to have tasty, locally-grown organic veggies in the house. We decided to take advantage of the delivery option, and it has worked out wonderfully. Beautiful produce. Thank you, Haven Farms!" - Stacy Ponask, 5-star review on our facebook page

It's perfect because our garden at home isn't quite ready yet and we got a box that has veggies we don't grow. (Also perfect because I'm lazy and don't want to pick veggies.)
The ground cherries are new to me and they're delicious. I also made veggie lasagna with the tomatoes, eggplant, and zucchini. Tonight we're having squash for supper! - Jennifer Walichnowski, 5-star review on our facebook page 

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