Produce Boxes​​
?What are produce boxes
Our produce boxes are a weekly food delivery option, to get fresh organic food picked from our garden to your door the same day. We do pick up and delivery options and the food will vary week to week depending on what is growing well that season. It ranges from 12- 16 weeks, depending on availability. Everything is grown here, without pesticides and without none natural additives.

We are also associated with CSA Manitoba and you can find out more about CSA farms at
?What are in our boxes
Every Box will vary depending on the season and your preferences. In the past it has contained:
- Eggplant, root vegetables, squash, leeks, onions, tomatoes, potatoes, and much much more.
- Free range, organic eggs
- Fresh Herbs
- Packaged Manure (not in the box, but on the side of course)
- Jams and Jellies

Potential things we would like to put in our boxes this year, provided all things work out, all of the above as well as:

-*Goats milk products (soap)
-*Pickles, tomato sauces and other canned products
-*Honey from our bees

*These are our hopes and dreams anyways, no promises.

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