What's new for 2019?


In the fall of 2018, we almost completed our chicken coop expansion, which has been a perfect expansion so far. The walls and roof are complete, we just need to do the siding and some interior decorating for the chickens. This will allow us to comfortably expand the number of chickens we can house. It has also assisted in preventing our outdoor water line from freezing, which has been a huge improvement.


We started a one colony beehive this year. They were healthy by the time winter hit, but they did not grow enough for us to harvest any honey. We hope they start strong in the spring of 2019 and we can expand the number of colonies we have, which will allow us to start giving honey to our subscribers!


The goats have been a great addition to the farm, and we look forward to breeding them this year - while we cannot sell the consumables, the milk we get from them allows us to make soap, so keep an eye out for Haven Farms Goats Milk soap!

Some small expansion work will be done this year, but not like previous years. This year we will be focusing on optimizing our current space and providing automated watering systems to the gardens and trees. 

Did you know...

Did you know?

One dollar from every produce box sold is donated to Siloam mission to help feed those that need it, and that we plant a plot for Winnipeg Harvest every summer?

We feel blessed and privileged to lead this amazing life, to grow our own food, and to share it with others. We also feel it is our duty to share what we have with others. If you want to join us in donations, or if you know of someone or a family that could use a produce box free of cost, send us an email. Everyone should have fresh, nutritious food available to them, and we want to help.